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Product Name 15 Ton Small Plastic Injection Molding Machine

This is the smallest model vertical injection molding machine in the market . It has been a best seller for nearly few years no matter at home and abroad. All clients satified with its low noise and save-energy as well cheap price .

Product Specification:

  • JY-160S2 15 ton small plastic injection molding machine:Screw Barrel Diameter: 28mm Injection Pressure: 1019KG/Cm² Max. Shot Weight(PS):58 grams Distance Between Tie Bere: 265mm
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15 Ton Small Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Machine Images 

15 ton small plastic injection molding machine

Main Features 

1.Straight screw ejected assembly.

2.Two(three)-phase temperature, ejected speed, backing pressure and screw speed is suitable for various plastic to confectioned.

3.Low-die fixed top active mode makes inserted objects excellent positioned features and the machine has liftout attachment for finished goods.

4.Low-pressure closed die assembly can protect the safety of die.

5.Material tube can be lifted. It is easy to clean stub bar. It is easy to fix die.

6.Can be installed a single mold or double shuttle table.

7.English/Arabic/Spanish/Russian/Italian/Korean/Turkish/Japanese/Thai…etc LCD and so on about ten language display, which can memorize 999 groups of mold data.




Model Unite JY-160S2
Screw Barrel Diameter mm 26 28
Injection Pressure Kg/cm² 1183 1019
Max. Shot Weight grams 50 58
Screw Barrel Route mm 105
Screw Barrel Rotary Speed rpm 0-215
Nozzle Contact Force tons 4.45
Nozzle Retraction Nozzle mm 130
Number of Temperature Control pcs 2
Clamping Force tons 15
Platen Size mm 450*4280
Distance Between Tie Bere mm 265
Min. Mold Height mm 100/25
Opening Stroke mm 190
Max. Opening Mold Distance mm 290/215
Ejetor Force tons 1.3
Ejetor Stoke mm 35
Max. Hydraulic Pressure Kg/cm² 140
Pump Output L/min 17.5
Oil Resservoir Capacity Liter 80
Cooling Water Consumption L/hr 400-600
Pump Motor Power KW/hp 2.2/3HP
Barrel Heating Power KW 1.8
Total Power KW 4.2
Machine Weight Tons 0.6
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) meter 1.35*0.92*2.06
Shipping Weight tons 0.8
Shipping Measurements(LxWxH) Meter 1.3*1.0*2.23


Our 15 Ton Small Plastic Injection Molding Machine are widely apply to produce various small PVC ,PE ,TPE plastic product,like the usb cable ,patch cord ,dc connector ,etc.

Our Services

1. 24 hours services,the answers to any questions about our automatic plastic injection moulding machine will be replied sooner.

2. Direct factory services,exclusive and unique solution can be provided to you by our professional engineers and staffs teams.

3. Materials suppliers offered ,the contact ways to different kinds of the materials and equipments of your products can be supported here,you can contact them by yourself .

4. After-sales services,engineers available to service  machinery overseas;besides,the videos and document of solution will be sent at once.

5. The full and specific set of the subject for your project will be offered for you by free after we get touch with you.

6. 12 Months Warranty and spare parts of machine will be offered within 3 days to advoid to waste your production time.



Dongguan JieYang Machinery Co.,ltd 

Model : JY-160S2 15 ton small plastic injection molding machine

Brand: Jie Yang

Function : overmold plastic product

Quality : Top quality

Material application : PVC,PE,TPE,etc…

Melting temperature: Normal temperature~200℃

Warranty: 1 year

Delivery time:15~25 working days after deposit received

Package: Plywood case

Payment : TT

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